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over a century of history


Villa Cacciaguerra was built as a private residence and is one of the first and most important examples of Art Nouveau architecture on the Riviera. The villa in Viale Vespucci is among the most famous buildings of Rimini and its tower, which recalls the shape of a lighthouse, is among its more distinguishing elements.
At the end of the century, during the Rimini Belle Epoque, Villa Cacciaguerra becomes the symbol of the first tourist enterprise of this Romagna city.


During the Fascist period, Villa Cacciaguerra hosts the US embassy and hence gets the new name ‘Embassy’.
The Adriatic Embassy Club was set in 1934, in the garden of the villa,
and so begins the story of the myth.

The 50s

Adriatic Embassy Club is considered one of the most beautiful and exclusive places of the peninsula. The gossip columns emphasize the elegance of the events organised in the garden of Villa Cacciaguerra hosting, in addition to dance evenings, beauty pageants as well.
Fred Bruscaglione animates the hot summers at Embassy and helps launching the club in the top of the Italian entertainment business.

The 60s and 70s

There are lots of artists of great talent and reputation who perform in the garden in Viale Vespucci: Lucio Battisti, Mina, Giorgio Gaber, Ornella Vanoni, Gianni Morandi and Walter Chiari.
Federico Fellini is part of the Embassy ‘family’, but so are Mike Bongiorno, Sandra Mondaini, Gino Bramieri, Corrado, Pippo Franco.
The famous club is also the main stage for the Miss Rimini pageant and hosts the selections of Miss Italy.
Embassy is more than only music and entertainment, as its restaurant is particularly appreciated as well.

The 80s

During the 70s and 80s, offers cabaret shows that are always sold out: names that emerged from the television pass through here, like Beppe Grillo and Gianfranco D’Angelo.
Difficult times begin in the late 80s and in this famous club closes in 1991.

The 90s

In 1992, under new ownership, the club reopens on the sounds of the Latin American rhythm and in 1994 becomes a disco-pub, rather original concept for the time. In the following years, Embassy changes its name several times but still remains one of the reference clubs in Rimini.


Works begin for the renovation of Villa Cacciaguerra: the disco is pulled down, the villa is renovated and a housing and commercial area takes shape


On a warm Sunday in June, Embassy is given back to everybody. After 80 years of illustrious history, Villa Cacciaguerra returns to animate Viale Vespucci and does so with an innovative format: restaurant, culture, fashion and music mingle and give life to an original project, a gathering place anticipating trends. Future restarts from the past, it restarts with Embassy

*Photos from the archives of Biblioteca Gambalunga of the Municipality of Rimini.
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